Apache domlogs not updating

For more information on Exim’s logs try a Google search for “Exim Cheat Sheet”.Cpanel does log all http traffic to WHM, webmail, and c Panel access.Exim has three primary logs, but only two of these logs contain useful information The exim_rejectlog contains all connection attempts that were denied.This information is also logged in the exim_mainlog.If not, ask someone experienced to do this for you. EDIT: Cleaned up threads/comments, sorry Fresh install of Engintron on multiple EA4 c Panel servers, and noticed that Apache's logging provides the wrong client IP address - instead always logging the server IP address.

Run the following command :- # ls -al -SR | head -10 — It will list 10 files in the decreasing order according to their size If the domlog file is too large for a domain then it is possible that awstats is not running . Remove old and unwanted backups of ‘apache’ that might have been taken long ago. Normally, some core files (like core.1234) might be present in /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot . Keep in mind if there is a hard drive error this can leave the server offline while the system or admin tuns a FSDK.

Moving the cpanel bandwidth folder mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth /backup/ ln -s /backup/bandwidth /var/cpanel/bandwidth 3.

Also just removing some of the log files in the log folder can help you for a quick fix. You can use this command to find any other large folders: du -ax –max-depth 1 /var | sort -n | tail 5.

As you can see c Panel recommends 40 GB recommended minimum in your / partition. Please check your websites/domains before using thous recommendations from c Panel…

—– The last attempt to update c Panel & WHM was blocked. fatal: Cannot upgrade due to insufficient disk space. —– c Panel & WHM cannot update due to insufficient disk space in the staging directory, “/usr/local/cpanel”. This fix is dangerous and if done incorrectly can break your server.