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Antennas Back-Up Systems Batteries & Chargers CAD Systems Critical Incident Management Critical Incident Stress Management Disaster Preparedness Dispatch Center Dynamics & Leadership Dispatcher Health & Wellness Dispatcher Recognition Emergency Management Emergency Medical Dispatching EMS Technology & Operations Ethics & Liability Facilities Planning and Design Firefighting Technology & Operations Headsets Homeland Security Incident Reports Information Sharing Systems Interoperability Location Systems Mapping Systems Mobile Command Vehicles Mobile Computing Systems Mobile Data Systems NG9-1-1 Notification Systems Police Technology & Operations Power Supplies Protocol Systems & Cardsets PSAP Consolidations & Upgrades PSAP Management PSAP Operations PSAP Software Public Education Quality Assurance & Improvement Radio Frequency Issues Radio Systems Radios - Mobile Radios - Portable Recording Systems Records Management Satellite Communication Technology Search & Rescue Technology & Operations Social Media & Public Safety Tactical/Incident Dispatch Telephony Systems Training Trends & Tactics Video System Vo IP Weather Systems Wireless Communications & Networks Workstation Consoles & Furniture Consolidated Dispatch Centers are not a new concept: -- some have operated successfully for more than 40 years.With this history of success, why does the idea of consolidation strike fear in the hearts of some police and fire chiefs but garner praise from others?The local plant management may make an operational decision to keep certain items in stock to ensure that production is not halted.This inventory will increase costs, but a greater cost would be incurred if the production line was brought to a standstill due to a lack of items from a supplier.Prevent negative outcomes and increase the value of each deal with a well-organized M&A function that has an accountable leadership structure, a disciplined deal-making process, and a system for continuous improvement.

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The MCAC's Operation Center, which is the statewide central repository for license plate reader data, serves specific public safety goals.Throughout this article we use the term “dispatch center” to refer to the communication centers that perform dispatch operations and serve as a primary or secondary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for their communities.After completing dozens of consolidation studies and working with numerous county, city and state agencies on emergency communications issues, we have observed cycles of embracing and fearing the consolidated dispatch center.The day to day operational supply chain decisions ensure that the products efficiently move along the supply chain, achieving the maximum cost benefit.A number of examples of operational decisions can be identified in manufacturing, supplier relationships, and logistics.