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I have something to confess: I never liked studying history in school. We had to memorize the dates when popes and monarchs reigned, presidents and prime ministers served in office, significant battles were fought in major wars, and so forth.

We never learned about what life was like for the people living then. So, when I started to study jewelry history, I began to learn about the clothing the jewels adorned.

Also unlike its competitors, Sarah Coventry did not focus on getting prime counter space in department stores, or selling its wares to Hollywood movie stars in order to move its inventory.

Stuart’s approach was more grassroots, using house parties (a la Tupperware and Avon) to get people talking about his affordable jewelry.

Many of the 1930s pieces had a decidedly Art Deco look.

The unusual stones used in the jewelry were set in antique gold-tones or bronzed metals.

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The site also includes a complete reference guide to costume jewelry from the likes of Mc Clelland Barclay, Miriam Haskell, Hedy and Hedison, Louis Rousselet, Lisner, and more.

Most significantly for me, fashion history tells the story of women’s role in society at a particular time.

And each style of jewelry has a role to play in that story. In both countries, the types of clothing that could be produced were limited.

This last company allowed her to put her label on her accessory designs of jewelry, perfume and lingerie.

The Adele Simpson Company, a clothing and accessories company, was found in 1944.