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The Ku-Kai series is comprised of “Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol.

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Incidentally, they no longer accept smokers, because, time after time, they would be rejected.

This unforgettable workshop with world-renowned anthropologist and bestselling author Hank Wesselman, Ph. Drawing from his book, The Journey to the Sacred Garden, he introduces ancient, time-tested ways of entering the Shamanic state of consciousness where you connect with your spirit helpers and healing masters and learn how to work with them in your personal place of power and healing in the inner worlds.

Never having done online dating, I only vaguely knew about different niche dating sites: dating sites for different religions, dating sites that catered to married people wanting to have affairs, dating sites that pimp out sea captains, and those that specialize in “Adult Baby” fetishes; you know, that desire in all of us to put back on a diaper and suck our thumbs with our soul mates.

Here is one I never heard of: dating sites for herpes sufferers.

And it must be less worrisome to date someone who already has the same virus as you, because you won't constantly have to worry about infection him or her.

Fox News reports that the Canadian-based dating website, Camelot Introductions, has recently starting accepting people with herpes.