There's much that sounds like a 15 year-old schoolboy's take on Gynaecology 101, but that's balanced off with some interesting analysis of how language needs to be properly sexualised if sex is to be enjoyed. Gemma Rook's Kate gradually loosens up as she relaxes and if her big moment (as it were) has a slightly dubious political dimension, she gets what she wants from the evening and Rook's nicely judged performance never forces that er... April Pearson vamps up her Lucy in PVC corsetry and potty-mouths her way to the brass tacks of what will and will not be done off-stage in the bedroom.Every now and again, there's a look falls across her face and her hedonistic lifestyle appears to gain a sheen of vacuity - or is that just the projection of someone who knows that what works at 25 seldom does at 35, in the bedroom, the kitchen or the office.Usually it has something to do with design of the bathroom in terms of a practical consideration. But, whatever your orientation, is engaging in sexual activity in public okay?But it could also just be that it turns out that people like to stop there and … Most cruisers don't want to engage in sex in public. The wannabe grizzly I’m not sure pretending to be a fearsome, growling, salivating wild animal ever won the heart of a fair maiden. The salad lover How does anyone even think of this?! The unassuming artist Well, at least he’s trying to be romantic. EDITORIAL OFFICE The Granite Tower, Anam-dong 5Ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea (136-701) | TEL 02)3290-1685, 82-2)3290-1685 Copyright © 2011 The Granite Tower. With the advent of Tinder spreading like a silent insidious force, it’s no wonder online dating has become such a horrible mess.

#facepalm However, that doesn’t stop a few Tinder incidents from making us chuckle over our morning lattes. Here are 17 examples of Tinder gone horribly wrong… The Billy Joel enthusiast Um…how exactly did he manage to rope Billy Joel into this?! The bleeding obvious Probably one of the best sarcastic responses in the history of Tinder. The literature lover This is literally until the last five words…

The metaphor king Kudos to this girl for the best comeback ever, and props to this guy for admitting defeat. Dessert obsessed This actually might not be so bad if you like that sort of thing. The mathematician And people say the Oedipus complex is outdated… The walking TV commercial When was the last time they even played that irritating commercial? I mean, who ever looks at the second page of a Google search anyway? The cub As a self-confessed puma, I can assure you this is not the way to proposition an older woman.

The online aficionado This guy clearly has too much time on his hands. The guy who’s out of pickup lines I literally have no words for this one. The real straight shooter While this line smacks of cliche, at least he’s upfront. He’s lucky this girl doesn’t come after him wielding a hockey stick.

To Sam's initial delight and overcoming Kate's half-fearful, half-curious reluctance, Michelle turns out to be a practised sexual connoisseur - it's a bit like they got Lewis Hamilton as their Uber driver.

Cue lots of talk of who would like to put what where and how many, an interesting new use for mayonnaise and strategically placed cushions saving the actors' modesty.