Info nova compute manager updating host status

Check that the control node and network node is working.NOTE: Steps 3, 4, and 5 are workarounds for bugs present in Ubuntu 14.04 (and probably in other Debian derivatives of that era).This document describes steps I took to setup a compute node based on Ubuntu 14.04 for Open Stack “juno”, using the Xen Project via libvirt approach.

I might also spin up a new separate OS controller instance for simplicity sake.This article describes the most common migration scenario's including live and manual migration using native linux tools.You can see all my Openstack related articles here.From what I'm reading of your question, the nova-compute log files shows this error your restart the service. Assuming that's correct, is there something that is configuring nova after the base packaged are installed?A run of chef, puppet or the like thats adding configuration details after the service might have started up with an incorrect configuration?