Local hookup irc

This thing has every connection in the world (one of the main reasons I bought it) but how do antennas connect to modern TVs?

I have gotten rid of cable for all the obvious reasons but would still like to get the broadcast channels.

I have the tv connected to the old cable wire that we had when we paid for cable. I noticed that in the auto channel search options under the cable search, the options are now standard, hrc, irc, and auto where as before it only had standard and auto. I don't know how the tv would have updated itself though. Often the cable company does not actually kill the signal to the house, only turns off most service, so at times you can just plug in a TV directly to the cable and get the channels that the TV can tune.

I can no longer auto channel search on cable or air. Best way is to mount the antenna outside somewhere, you will have alot better reception.

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