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GENETICISTS are shedding light on a turbulent era in Dark Ages Scotland as new research unravels the ancestral DNA linking the lost kingdom of Strathclyde, Picts and one in every 100 Welsh men.The latest findings come after the team behind the Scotland's DNA project launched in Wales in September.* * * * * * * Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age.Available from Amazon UK and Amazon USA This book traces the history of the kingdom of Strathclyde in the era of the Vikings (ninth to eleventh centuries AD) when Govan was the main centre of royal power.

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The prime candidate is identified as a Celtic warrior who, after escaping from a terrible battle in AD 573, lived as a recluse in the wild forests of Southern Scotland.Stathclyde or Ystrad Clud (beautiful Estuary) was a kingdom of the Britons, or brythonic celts in the Hen Ogledd, in what is now Northern England and southern Scotland, through the post-Roman and medieval eras.The original occupants of the area where a celtic tribe known as the Damnonii.Since then, researchers have discovered a new Y chromosome lineage that accounts for about one per cent of all Welsh fatherlines - a genetic marker that can be traced back through generations of fathers and sons.The grouping, which has been nicknamed "the men of the North", has yet to be found outside Wales but has been shown to be related in the last 2,000 years or so to a group concentrated in Scotland that shows descent from the Picts.