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The Black Cat, set in 1840 Philadelphia, has the great writer Edgar Allan Poe, struggling with alcoholism, writers block, as well as being out of ideas, short on cash, and tormented by his wife Virginia's black cat that will either destroy his life or inspire him to write one of his most famous stories. From Re-Animator To From Beyond to Dagon he is widely recognized as a master of H. That film was a delirious mix of Poe's narrative with the Spanish Inquisition.

Strangely enough he has only done one Poe film to date 1991's unjustly forgotten Pit & The Pendulum.

His pencils were virtually flawless, and his inking, although lacking some of the sophistication and techniques that the next twenty-plus years would bring to him, was perfectly suited to his pencils.

He knew how and when to use a thick line and when to use a thin one.

At the time I had no idea that a drabble was 100 words (though I think the definition may have shifted now? Anyway, these are the drabbles I wrote for other people.

Not including LJ names because many of them have been deleted/become defunct.

It had been a gift to him by Al Williamson for Gray's having helped out by inking one page of Flash #1 and modelling for one of the characters -- Dr. A great plus to Williamson's work in the middle 1960's through the seventies was that in my opinion, he achieved his greatest balance as penciler and inker. His layouts, always lovely, reached a pinnacle that would be difficult to top.Nineteen drabbles about conspiracies, aliens, monsters, illness, alternate universes, love affairs, and the occasional good guy.Oh, and you might recognize the last one as a parody of Snoopy's bestselling novel.Once again, Gordon returns to Poe for his second outing on Masters Of Horror.This time out it is The Black Cat being adapted and he and screenwriter Dennis Paoli deliver a doozy.