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On the other hand women have “ten times as much white matter” (Ashton, 2010, n.White matter is what gives a girl her ability to multi task better than men.The woman was in the village of Bridgeville hit by a hatch of a cannon when the cannon for an unknown reason it exploded at the launch of a pumpkin, reports ABC News.A 56-year-old man was also hit but is not in danger.

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nl is gratis beschikbaar voor abonnees, ook zonder cookies te accepteren.Shooting pumpkins is a well-known tradition at events in rural parts of the U. Trump is thinking about military intervention in Venezuela Photo: EPA The American president Donald Trump last Friday to let me know that he military intervention as one of the options considers the political crisis in Venezuela to exorcise...Sir John Stevens appeals for information about the murder of Belfast solicitor Pat Finucane, one of the Troubles’ most notorious cases of British collusion with loyalist killers, whoich Ian Cobain explores in his book, The History Thieves: Secrets, Lies and the Shaping of a Modern Nation On the evening of Monday 8 January 1990, a group of British detectives decided that they had done enough for one day.The 55-year-old businessman got 54,27 percent of the voters behind him and makes his second and final term of five years to...More than thirty dead in train accident in Egypt Photo: AFP In a collision between two trains near the Egyptian city of Alexandria on Friday, at least 37 deaths.