Updating compaq presario 1200us hardrive

We were tasked with finding newspaper articles that demonstrated technology in various work spaces.

Discovering a gem like this – especially after a decade and a half has gone by – is eye opening and mind boggling.

After that notebooks like the V4000 and V2000 are categorized as power thin notebooks or lightweight desktop replacements.

STEP 3 Remove one screw securing the optical drive (CD/DVD drive). STEP 6 Lift up the keyboard with a sharp object, you can use a small flathead screwdriver. Unlock both connectors by lifting the locking tab about 2-3 millimeters up with your fingernails. On the picture below you can see both connectors unlocked and cables removed. STEP 12 Now I’m going to remove the top cover assembly. STEP 13 Lift up the touch pad assembly as it shown on the picture below. Disconnect the touch pad cable from the motherboard. STEP 14 Start removing the keyboard bezel with a small screwdriver.

The locking tab must stay attached to the connector base. Do not forget to disconnect the cable the same way as you disconnected the keyboard cables.

Reading through it, I drifted back to my teenage years and recalled my earliest experiences with a PC: the excitement and surprise when reading through Compton’s Encyclopedia; playing DOOM and Wolfenstein with a newly installed sound card; and browsing a primitive Web 1.0 Internet on Netscape Navigator.

These experiences would form the foundation for my future career in the online, interactive space.