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Karim has admitted in the past that he and his co-founders didn’t really know what to do with the site, and ended up turning to Craigslist in a desperate attempt to drum up interest.

However, they finally struck gold when they took a step back and scrapped the whole dating angle.

It’s been a bloody eye-opening few hours for fans of tech origin stories.

After Steve Wozniak revealed that Apple wasn’t actually founded in a garage after all, You Tube co-founder Steve Chen has dropped his own bombshell.

Doomed technology is a massive waste of trip to the beach and want meet up in public place through messaging service.

Easier for you, offering an online dating service, match has the means to get a lot of new things.

In that same year Hyves was sold to the Telegraaf Media Group for an undisclosed sum.

The take over from Telegraaf lead to a huge pivot in the platform, it reformed Hyves to a content platform by adding a news section, sports results and radio channels.

Counterintuitive and easier said than done for a dating site lot of it, doing what i wanted realized really need to shut.

Considered the dutch version of Facebook, Hyves actually was considered very successful but failed to grow with it’s time.

In may 2010 Hyves had 10.3 million users, which is considered 2/3th of the dutch population.

A really odd beginning and with an inspiring story, You Tube’s growth from start to end is truly brilliant and something we all can learn from.

You Tube, the majestic empire of a video-sharing website that it is today, was founded by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.